3 Decoration Ideas For A Casino-Themed Party

3 Decoration Ideas For A Casino-Themed Party

Got a friend who loves to gamble, and they’re birthday is coming up? Why not throw them an extravagant casino party?

Casinos are the dens of gambling players everywhere; offering a glamorous space filled with all sorts of games for them to bet and play and gamble to their heart’s content. The bright lights, the cocktail bars, and the throngs of fellow gamblers milling about with cards in hand and chips on the table…what gambler wouldn’t want to wile their time away in these extravagant gambling havens?

So if you have a friend or a family member who loves visiting casinos, or even playing on a trusted online casino Malaysia, why not bring some of that gambling magic to the home?

Here are 3 decoration ideas for a casino-themed party!

1. Red and Black Color Scheme

A red and black color scheme will definitely amp up the casino feel of your party. These two colors are reminiscent of the two colors of the card suite – the red diamond and heart, against the black spade and club. To enact this, you can drape red table cloths over the food tables, and buy black chairs to go with it. To further promote this fun and happy party feel, you can even string up red and black balloons all around the room – or even get yourself a red and black balloon arch by the doorway to make it look like an extravagant entrance to an adorable casino!

Honestly? The possibilities of red and black colors are endless.

2. Card and Suite Garlands

To further promote the adorable card suite imagery of your casino party, you can even do simple card and suite garlands. If you have an existing card deck that you are not using, for example, you can punch holes through the top of each with a hole-puncher, then string them all together using a black and/or red ribbon. After you’ve completed your card garland, you can then festoon it over the walls of the room for that adorable card deck finish!

As for simple suite garlands, these can be easily made DIY with thick red and black colored paper. You can draw out the shapes of each card suite (i.e. diamond, club, heart and spade) on their respective colors, cut them out, punch holes at the top, and string them together with ribbon again to create an adorable casino garland.

With these decorations, your home will have an adorable casino feel to it in no time!

3. Chip Iced Cookies and Dice Brownies

Since we’re decorating the room to look casino-themed – why not do the same with the foodstuffs, too?

Chip iced cookies, for example, are cute circular sugar cookies that you can ice to look just like the chips you can find in a casino! And while you’re at it, you can even leverage on the round shapes of the cookies and decorate them into roulette boards as well. With all these cute chips and tiny roulettes strewn about the room, your friend/family member will definitely feel as though they’ve entered a tiny little casino paradise!

Dice brownies, on the other hand, leverage on the traditional cubic shape of cut brownies. Simply make 918kiss kaya do, cut them into tiny cubes, and then use things like smarties or white chocolate chips to stud each face of the brownie cubes like a respective dice face; creating an adorable dice-shaped brownie!

There are all types of things you can do to decorate your home into a casino-themed party. One thing’s for sure, though – once your friend/family member walks into the room, they’ll definitely be thrilled at all the effort you put into turning your home into a cute, exclusive grand casino!

Now party and shoot dice to your hearts’ content!

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