A Semi-Detached Villa Worth Checking Out

If you are looking for a property to buy in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, you can check out this semi-detached villa. This should be great for a big family and it is in a strategic location. Taman Tun is an affluent community and you can say that living here should be just peaceful as most of the people in the neighborhood are behaved. Not only that, most of them are busy as well, dealing with their own lives, so you need not deal with a chaotic neighborhood. 

What can you expect from this villa? Check this out:

  • Every room of this villa is just elegant and stylish. It has a lot of space as well so you will not have a hard time organizing your things. The kitchen and the living room are spacious as well. 
  • It is not furnished so you will surely have an exciting time fitting this property is you will buy this. It would be fun to dress up every room of this villa for sure. 
  • The villa is really huge as it comes with 6 rooms and 4 baths. 
  • The amenities of this villa are superb as well. It comes with its own elevator, large family hall, with the master bedroom connected to a walk-in closet as well as a study. 
  • It is close to the different really useful landmarks such as the different stores, moviehouses, golf clubs, schools, and still many others. Yes, it is indeed in a strategic location and living here should be a bliss. 
  • This project is newly completed. It means that the materials used here are still new and thus, you can expect less to no issues at all. But of course, you should still have it inspected if you are really interested of the property. This way you will peace of mind while processing for the payment. 

Being a detached property has its perks. It has more privacy unlike when you are living in a property in which there is also a family living in the other side of the wall. Not only that you will hear them at times, they can also hear you. 

So, do you think this is the property you have been looking for? You should not miss the chance of owning such a rare find. Yes, this is a rare find indeed and for sure, there will be many homebuyers who will be asking about this. 

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