Find your address

The form asks for a address and you don't know where to look? Zillow is your friend. This topic is pretty much personally preference but this is what works for me. When looking for a address there are some things I look for.


Something easy to memorize. You aren't thinking about where you live on your fake when your out with friends so when the bouncer asks whats the zip code, you want to remember.


Don't make it a big city because people know the city and can ask questions about it. There are to many things that can be asked that you wouldn't know.


When you pick your address, google the town its in and spend 20 minutes reading up on it. That 20 minutes is a lot quicker then the 50 hours of community service you could do if caught.


Things I have been asked and bartenders/bouncers have googled answers. Whats the local high school and mascot, capital of the state, any sports teams the state has, big cities and what is your favorite restaurant in the town your id is "from".


OPTIONAL: I always make my house the coolest one I can find because normally those rich fuckers build the house in the middle of nowhere so it works well.