Benefits of having video contents for your mobile app

In the current world of digitalization, mobile apps can be found everywhere. It is important that your app gets the attention it needs to survive the competition. There are so many developers that are competing against one another in producing top mobile apps and all the apps developed will probably be available in the app store. To gain the desired attention, your app must stand out. It can be achieved through having a compelling and entertaining app that can make the users stay. If it is necessary, the app can be informative as well so that it can keep the users engaged with the contents. Otherwise, users would quickly get bored of the app and abandon it. One of the ways to keep the users entertained and engaged for a long time is through video content.  check out this link to find out more about sport science.

17 Types of Video Content That People Actually Want to Watch

1 – Multimedia is suitable for device screens

Using multimedia can be an attention-grabbing content for your app. For example, apps like Instagram, the popularity of it is caused by the striking pictures and videos you can find in it. Just as more and more people opt to use phones, mobile apps that use attractive multimedia formats also gain popularity. Many developers nowadays are keen on including multimedia formats because it works well with small screens, like our phones, where those pictures and videos keep them entertained and wanting to know more and they would continuously scroll through the app until they are satisfied. It is scientifically proven that our eyes capture pictures and videos easier than words, especially those complex and multisyllabic words. With your app, you can personalize multimedia contents based on the user’s previous search or history. 

2 – Worth the time

Studies show that humans now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, which is 8 seconds. Many of our lessons are done through books but in the current generation, videos are becoming more and more prominent in being one of the teaching methods. This is because when information is given through a video form, the contents can have animations and voice overs that can keep the audience engaged instead of simply reading a 548 pages long book. In the current generation, people are more prone to click on a video about a topic than a book of the same topic. It is easier to understand and more time convenient because it usually takes a shorter time to watch a video than to read a book. This is also one of the reasons why Hollywood filmmakers and producers keep movies adapted from popular books. 

3 – Video connects you and your audience

It takes time for a group of audience to get familiar with an author’s works. They would need to read most of the author’s works to understand their writing style, the way they manipulate words or plots, the theory that they use in their writing and so much more. It takes a long time that some people cannot afford. However, through a video, an audience can already get acquainted with your personality which they can then connect with your contents and such. Through the connection, people would be more familiar with you and feel more at ease with watching your video. When they are more interested, they would watch your video. It would be even better if your video leaves a huge impact on them which would attract their attention constantly. 

People are more aware of this now and developers are constantly finding new ways to attract and engage users of all age, gender and nationality. Everyone has different interests and opinions and being able to include that in a cohesive and wholesome app would surely make your app the best there is. To know more about mobile apps and find the best mobile app developer in Malaysia, you can discover the best social marketing services Malaysia in KL.

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