History of the Internet in Malaysia

In the early 1990s, the internet was first launched in Malaysia. With the founding of TM Malaysia in 1986, TM is the first corporation in Malaysia to provide all Malaysian people with telecommunication and internet. It was a very slow start-up when the internet was first introduced in Malaysia. With the internet at first being very slow, internet access was not very widespread during this period. Only the wealthy could use it, and at the time the major bosses who owned the richest corporations of the time could access the internet. The majority of the population just got used to the use of huge chunky cell phones that were very expensive to use because prepaid sims were not yet the standard. Eventually, the internet became more available to more and more people in Malaysia as the years went on. Internet service providers, such as unifi malaysia, maxis internet and time internet, have been subscribed to more and more people.

Malaysia’s internet growth has steadily grown as Malaysia has gained access to better and faster internet technology. The notion of doing something on the internet was not as common since Malaysia was theoretically 20 years behind advanced nations such as the USA. Compared to the likes of the UK and Europe, with the people of Malaysia. Though Malaysia was still doing businesses physically and in person, industrialized nations were still performing transactions and business electronically. By using the Internet in the late 90s and early 2000s, only the top government leaders were doing administration.

In the late 2000s, the Internet was used by more and more users, and industry firms were transitioning to integrate the internet into running their enterprises. As the internet increasingly became a requirement for most people in Malaysia, sales of tech goods, including personal computers, internet-capable smartphones, laptops, PDAs, video game consoles and many more, saw a massive rise. Most Malaysians were linked in some way to the internet by the early 2010s. With the advent of social media, most individuals are interconnected with each other, encouraging individuals to be linked with their everyday lives in ways that were never possible before. In this day and age, the rise of video movie viewing, gaming and online games has also made the internet into a human need. 

To handle heavy internet use and traffic by the citizens of Malaysia, the internet in Malaysia has also become much quicker. Many residents will now experience fast unifi Malaysia broadband speeds with the advent of fiber internet at a fraction of the expense of what it used to be relative to the Internet speeds of the early 2000s. By the late 2010s and early 2020s, the internet was open to almost any Malaysian resident. From laptops, smartphones, tablets, consoles for video games, smart TVs or even smart refrigerators.

In conclusion, when it was first launched, internet growth in Malaysia had a rocky beginning, but it became one of the most rapidly developed facilities for Malaysian people. In the future, with the even more sophisticated internet of the future, we might have much higher internet speeds or play complicated games such as virtual reality massive multiplayer video games (VRMMORPG). For more articles like this one, click here.

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