How To Become A Medical Assistant

A Medical Assistant or Certified Medical Assistant is used to assist physicians and nurses with a variability of medical and administrative tasks. Healthcare is one of many health-related careers. Most of the medical assistants use to work in a doctor’s office and a few work in hospitals. There are many different types of medical assistant jobs available that make it a versatile career option.

Required education

Two types of educational programs are obtainable to aspire medical assistants. Some schools offer a one-year certificate, or you can complete a two-year associate’s degree from an accredited school. The course for physician assistants will include medical terminology, math and science, first aid, medical billing, and more. As medical assistants are often asked to do administrative tasks, getting a diploma in office management technology would totally be helpful in this sense. 


After completing the program, MAs can register to take the certification exam to become a CMA. The course is offered three times a year by the Malaysian Association of Physician Assistants. The certification needs to be repeated every five years. Some employers do not require certification, but CMAs will typically have more job options than MAs.

Duties and responsibilities

Physician Assistants assist with a variety of tasks including registering patients, taking vital signs, and keeping medical records, such as updating and archiving charts. Medical assistants can also administer injections and some help with medical billing and insurance coding.

Typical hours

Most medical assistants will work about 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday. However, if the doctor’s office is open in the evenings or on weekends, additional hours may be required unless there is a separate weekend staff.

The medical assistant is a professional prepared to support the doctor and / or the rest of the health providers in the care and administrative tasks and constitutes a cornerstone within the health team, mainly in the primary care area.

It is important to emphasize that to obtain Widad college diploma as a medical assistant or MA for its acronym in English (Medical Assistant), you must attend an institute and meet certain academic and assistance requirements, which also implies a cost generally of thousands of dollars depending on of the duration of the program and its recognition by certain institutions that regulate them (Malaysian Association of Medical Assistant). After obtaining the diploma, an exam must be presented, in this way it is considered that a medical assistant is certified, which is a requirement very common or sometimes essential to belong to certain health centers, especially those that offer services at the hospital level.

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