How To Manage Stress

Stress, the killer of productivity or sometimes the booster of productivity. Stress can be a motivational tool but in excess, the stress hormone can be very destructive. Whether we are late for a meeting, sitting in traffic, or finishing up before a deadline, our stress hormone is active. 

Stress is an emotion that can cause physical tensions. The physical tension can cause great defects in the work we do and can distract us from the quality of work. But there are few things we have to understand about stress before trying to manage them.

Stress is something we feel in response to a challenge or a difficult task. Stress can be very good in some cases but in others, they can be responsible for hospital visits. Did you know that 90% of all hospital visits we do are related to stress-induced illnesses or ailments? Oh yes, this is real. The effect of stress can be visibly dangerous. 

Stress is worse if you have chronic stress. Chronis, as the name suggests, means it is long-term. Are you in an unhappy marriage? Or an unstable work environment? Or struggling with money? You may be under constant stress and this may lead to some health issues if not managed properly. 

But the problem is, stress can be very hard to recognize as well. It is not always defined by anxiety attacks. Anxiety is a result of prolonged stress. Stress can be defined or identified with some physical symptoms. 

Some of these symptoms may include a persistent headache, weight loss, weight gain from stress eating, fatigue, lack of attention and focus, insomnia, sexual problems, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunctions, stiffness in your shoulders, neck, and jaw, and constipation. Believe it or not, constipation is very common for stressed-out people. So if you are having problems with your lower abdomen and pooping properly, that may be a sign of stress. 

So, how can you manage your stress?

Partake In A New Relaxing Activity 

Do you have hobbies that you enjoy? Perhaps bowling, swimming, or even cooking. Maybe you are an avid fan of seafood. Order some frozen food Malaysia and hop on the train of making some exquisite seafood dishes. Google has thousands of recipes ready for you!

If cooking is not your thing, maybe going to a rage room might take out all the stress as well! 

Make Sure To Stay Connected To Your Loved Ones 

When was the last time you went out for a fun night with your friends? And when was the list time you called your family? A long video call with your mom or niece also will do you wonders. Staying connected with people you care about and having a laugh or two is a great coping mechanism for your stress. 

Seek Therapy Or Some Counseling 

Maybe the stress is just too much to handle. If you are constantly dealing with the physical symptoms and having no relief from any activity, it may be time for you to seek outside help. Prolonged stress can lead to other mental illnesses as well, so let’s follow the saying “prevention is better than cure”. Seek out therapy sessions until you learn some new stress coping mechanisms. 

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