Malaysia’s Top 3 Interior Design Company

Although it is difficult to create a unique exterior design, interior design is a more difficult task as you have to make sure that every room in every floor has the same width, length and size. However, it has more flexibility than external as residents are able to contact interior design companies to alter the indoor appearance to their liking. Condominiums are one of the best examples where you can see how personal preferences can affect the look of your house. Some will look small, hotter and messier while some will look larger and more cooling than the others despite having the same room measurements. These are the top three interior design companies that you can request their services to develop your ideal interior design.

Norm Designhaus has made into the top of Malaysia interior design company list who have worked with major companies such as the Fibrecomme Office in Menara Telekom and Arcoris in Mount Kiara. They also specialize in designing kitchens to ensure that residents are able to cook in the kitchen in the classiest or luxurious design. On their website, they utilize virtual reality to help their potential clients to view their past works to walk around in the room and observe the rooms to reassure the quality of their design. Through Norm Designhaus, business companies will be able to rest assured that they will receive more than what they get with interior design that is created to fit their business while providing a comfortable atmosphere and quality to back up their purpose.

Coming in second is Blaine Robert who has worked with multiple residential companies such as The Askar in Johor Bahru, Tell 6 office from Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and PJ Midtown, Petaling Jaya. Learning indoor design from Japan, Blain Robert uses thirty years worth of experience and knowledge to create some of the best looking interiors for his clients while providing a luxurious-like atmosphere that makes residents feel they are living in a place worth their money for.

And finally, Luxe Interior Sdn Bhd ranks third in the list. They have designed for various residential buildings such as Pavillion Hilltop, Enclave in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and Breezeway in Desa Parkcity, with some of their projects earning them awards for Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. They ensure their clients are able to afford their services without paying too much and losing quality and productivity as long as they are able to achieve their clients’ goals.

With the advancement of technology, interior design companies are able to enhance their clients’ experience by utilizing highly advanced technologies to demonstrate their previous works which boosts their clients’ confidence and help them to determine if they are fit for the job. When augmented reality comes around, property viewing will become more immersive as we might be able to view in the house by walking in the rooms without even being in the location or creating a preview design of their desired interior that could give interior companies an easier time to plan.

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