How to buy a fake id

How to order with Western Union

Fake Ids with western union. It may seem hard for many people to buy bitcoins. Our western union payment does not have a surcharge or extra charged added to the order, unlike other few vendors. Follow these steps below to assure your payment has been submitted and gone through correctly.

Ways you can pay with Western Union

You can pay with straight cash at the agent. Or you can pay with debit or credit card. If you want to order your fake ids right from your couch you now can. Go to this link and make sure you click cash pick up. DO NOT CLICK BANK TRANSFER. The best method to send money through western union is just go to a local agent around you. The transfer fee is very cheap unlike paying with credit card and debit card. You can find a western union agent at any of these stores listed below:

  • Walgreens
  • Riteaid
  • Giant
  • Safeway
  • Most cash checking spots
  • CVS
  • Harristeeter
  • Wies
  • If you need further help visit here:

    Submitting your Western Union Payment.

    Once you have found the fake ids you want to buy and have already checked out. Go to your account page. You should see a button that says “pay with western union”. A pop up box will come up and will have entry spots.

    Step 1:

    Once you have opened the western union payment module, write down or take a picture of the receiver's name. It should be on the very top in blue. The format should be like this:
    “Receiver's First and Last name:” Country: “CHINA”

    Step 2:

    Once you have taken a picture or have the name written down, go to the closest western union agent (or pay online).

    Step 3:

    The store agent will ask you for the person's First Name, Last Name and Country. When the agent asks for the receivers name, spell it out for them.

    Step 4:

    Pay the agent the exact amount listed on your account page. It should be right under the bitcoin address.

    Step 5:

    Once you have payed the exact amount, you will get a receipt with a MTCN number. Refer to the picture below:

    How to buy a fake id

    Step 6:

    Go back to the Western Union Module enter your name or who’s ever name you sent the money under. IF THE RECEIVER NAME HAS CHANGED DO NOT WORRY. YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO ENTER THE RECEIVERS NAME YOU SENT THE MONEY TO ON THE LAST STEP.

    Step 7:

    Enter your order number, this is very important you can look at your account page and see what order you want to pay.

    Step 8:

    On the top of the receipt there should be a MTCN number (tracking number). It should be in the format of 10 digits printed like this “123-456-7890”.

    Step 9:

    Enter exactly how you see it on the receipt.

    Step 10:

    Enter the receivers First and Last name as printed on the receipt. If the receiver name has changed on the top of the page. Do not worry it is ok. Just make sure you enter it on the last step.

    Step 11:

    Double check that everything you entered on the page matches the receipt you get. Click submit and wait up to 24 hours for confirmation. We will email you if anything went wrong.

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    If anything does go wrong, and we are unable to receive your money for some reason. You can call Western Union and provide them your MTCN number. They will give you a refund MTCN number where you can go back to any agent and claim your money back. For further questions about your fake ids, please contact: