Places You Can Scuba Dive In Malaysia

dive tenggol Can Scuba Dive In Malaysia

Are you a scuba diving fanatic waiting to splash in the water? Well, we’ve got your back because we’ve been keeping our eyes out for some of the best scuba diving spots in Malaysia. These places are favourite spots of not only Malaysians but also foreigners alike who come to the islands for a deep dive. Though Malaysia is known for its lush rainforests, it is not known for its scuba diving islands such as Kota Kinabalu, Tioman Islands and Perhentian Island.

First up is Tioman Island. Located in the Rompin district, Tioman Island is a well-loved spot amongst Malaysians. The island is known to be 12 kilometres wide and 39 kilometres long which makes it quite a small island. What it lacks in size for, it makes up in its popularity for. Tioman island is known to be a popular spot for diving Malaysia. It has several scuba diving packages all varying in sizes and prices. To arrive on the island, one would require a trip via the ferry from Pahang. The best time to take these scuba diving courses is between March and October and after that the monsoon season takes over the island which makes it inhabitable.

Semporna which means perfect in Malay is the name of the next island. The island is a perfect place for divers to enjoy their scuba diving in this place. Located in the South-eastern coast of Sabah, this island is a haven for many scuba divers. There are many packages offered for the Semporna island Scuba diving as well and clients usually travel to the island via yachts or small boats. Scuba divers are encouraged to visit here between March and October as well as when the Monsoon season sets in, diving becomes impossible.

Next, is the infamous Pulau Redang. Pulau Redang is an island which is located by Kuala Terengganu. As it’s located off the coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the island is a great place for divers to scuba dive. Pulau Redang is also a popular holiday spot among Malaysians as it offers great views. If you’re not there to scuba dive you can also partake in other activities that the island has to offer. This island is also victim to the Monsoon season between October and March and can only be visited in between March and October to those who are interested.

Finally, is a well-known spot to all scuba divers which is Perhentian Island. In a spot where the waters are calm and perfect for beginners, Perhentian Island is a great place for beginners to be. The island provides stable and shallow waters for many and has a great eco system. Many fishes and turtles can be seen swimming around the waters and they won’t bite either. PADI offers courses for beginners to learn their swimming here as well and they are great for advanced learners as well. Scuba diving enthusiasts can learn from PADI and obtain their scuba diving license as well.

Now that you’ve learned all the places you can scuba dive, we hope you go and enjoy yourself. Once the pandemic is over, we hope you visit the local islands and support the local tourism industry. Happy touring and scuba diving!

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