The Best Vibrators You Can Get

Vibrators are not just for women. Men can enjoy them too. It’s simply a sex toy made for stimulation so, it does not matter if you’re a man or a woman, you can enjoy the vibrations to your heart’s content. Especially when you’re having a stressful day, light up a few scented candles and simply delve into self-pleasure. So, sit back, grab your vibrator and enjoy your time.

Rabbit Vibrator

A rabbit vibrator is basically a dildo-shaped toy with a clitoris stimulator connected to the shaft of the toy. This toy is perfect for people who love g-spot and clitoral stimulation. The female g-spot is located in the vagina and you can usually find it when penetration is angled upwards. The clitoris, on the other hand, is a sensitive pleasure pressure spot located in the centre of the vulva. Basically, just feel around for something that feels rather pea-sized, right above the urethral opening. These spots of the female genitalia usually offer the best sense of pleasure. Stimulating either one could suffice but with the rabbit vibrator stimulating both at the same time, it would feel like you’re floating in pleasure. 

Wand Vibrator

For ladies who love clitoral stimulation, a wand vibrator is one of the strongest vibrators in the market. From ten to fifteen speed levels, the wand vibrator is able to give you leg-shaking orgasms. It could even cause female ejaculation which a majority of women say is the best feeling they could have experienced. The tip of the wand vibrator is usually flexible which can ensure that the right amount of pressure is applied to the clitoris. A sex toy shop Malaysia would have a wand vibrator and a lot of other sex toys.

Bluetooth/Remote-Controlled Vibrator

Now, this is where it gets a little fun. A lot of couples have gotten Bluetooth or remote-controlled vibrators to spice up their relationship. This is because a Bluetooth vibrator can simply be controlled with your phone, and the other with a remote. So, you can control it from a short distance. Thus, it’d be a pretty fun toy to use on your female partner. For instance, you could ask your partner to place the vibrator against their clitoris in their underwear and keep on teasing them with its control. It’s a fun way of orgasm denial as well as foreplay if you and your partner like a lot of buildups. This toy will guarantee that you and your partner have a spicy and sensuous time together.

Vibrating Anal Plug

Anal plugs are the best choice to enhance sexual satisfaction for men. As mentioned earlier, the female g-spot is in the vagina. However, the male g-spot is located near the prostate which can be reached when penetrated through the anus. Thus, let’s say you want to enhance your male partner’s sexual satisfaction during intercourse, place a vibrating anal plug into his anus and watch the magic. Don’t forget to put lube on the toy first, or else it would be a little painful. If you put enough lube on, surely, the pleasure will be worth it. 

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