The importance of choosing the adhesive in the packaging

Many times you forget the importance of adhesives in the packaging sector, a very forgotten element when preparing the packaging of products mainly due to the small amount it represents for it. One of the main mistakes that many companies make is to assign, in a standardized way, up to 7% of expenses for problems derived from incidents arising from the poor choice of a correct adhesive for their packaging. Although the amount of adhesive used in the packaging is very small, the impact of not using the right one is very large and can affect thousands of units that end up incurring a great cost and profit losses.

It is very important to select the right type of adhesive for each type of packaging taking into account all the circumstances surrounding its use; types of materials that make up the container, adhesive application system, machine speed, temperature and humidity conditions, final resistance required for packaging, etc. For more info go to 3D Resources Malaysia, click here.

What problems can you have if you do not take into account the importance of choosing the adhesive in the packaging?

The problems that can arise when gluing are different if the importance of choosing the adhesive in the packaging is not taken into account and the most suitable adhesive is not selected. Let’s see them.

It is essential to know and control the materials on which you want to glue; porous cardboard, varnished cardboard, laminated cardboard, polypropylene, EPS or any other plastic. There are adhesives of different chemical compositions more or less suitable for each of the materials; and it is essential to use the recommended product for each case in order to avoid problems due to false gluing and failure of adhesion.

The environmental conditions of humidity and temperature can become critical and definitive when guaranteeing the final result in any packaging; not only for the drying times but also for the stability of the final packaging with an adhesive that guarantees sufficient resistance to endure in different conditions: frozen, refrigerated or ovens.

The adhesive is applied in boxing, folding or multipoint machines, and each of these machines used is different, with different working speeds depending on the packaging to be manufactured. Therefore, it is necessary to know them perfectly and based on that, adapt the use of the most appropriate adhesive. For more articles like this one, click here.

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