The Puchong condo and Perfect Price for You

The Puchong condo and apartment for rent in Puchong has no interior walls as in some cases, reinforced concrete pylons play the role of supporting structures. It is convenient if you want to implement your design project, but will entail additional costs for the construction of partitions.

These are apartments with ceilings from 3.2 m. High vaults visually increase the space and allow you to implement original design projects.

Housing of a rare format

Suitable for those who want to choose an apartment “with a twist”. These can be apartments with panoramic windows, bay windows or a window in the bathroom, penthouses on the upper floors with open terraces, two-level housing, etc. Layouts can be linear (rooms are located along the corridor one after another), swing (some of the windows in the apartment overlook the opposite side of the house) and corner.

The layouts also differ in the degree of functionality. For example, in some apartments the area of ​​bathrooms, loggias or balconies is increased, separate storage rooms and dressing rooms, niches for wardrobes and dressers are organized.

Apartments with and without finishing: features

While you are deciding which apartment to choose, think about renovation in advance. Depending on whether you prefer housing with or without finishing, the purchase budget will directly depend, as well as the amount of work that will appear after the purchase. Do not forget that there are many options for apartments with different repair options on the market now, and each has its own advantages.

Types of apartment finishing:

  • without finishing
  • roughing;
  • pre-finishing;
  • finishing;
  • turnkey repair;
  • design.

The most popular is housing without finishing. It looks like an ordinary “concrete box” with installed windows and an entrance door. It is impossible to live in such an apartment until it is completely renovated, but it will cost less – both in the primary and in the secondary market.

If you do not want to bother with “dirty” repairs, you can choose an apartment with a rough finish. There, work has already been carried out to level the surfaces, communications have been partially equipped, and water supply meters have been installed.

Apartments with pre-finishing finishing are fully prepared for finishing works. They are equipped with a bathroom, electricity with lighting, sockets and switches. A kind of pre-finishing is the whitebox format, where interior doors are even installed and wallpaper is glued for painting.

Finishing options for apartments photo

In a hurry to move into an apartment and don’t want to do any repairs at all? Then a fine finish or turnkey option will be the ideal option for you. In new buildings, you can often choose between several styles of renovation. Choosing an apartment in the secondary housing, you will have to trust the taste of the previous owners.

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