Steps to order

1) Create an account on our website.
2) Once you have created your account. Pick a state you would like to purchase.
3) After you have picked your fake ids, make sure to have your bitcoins ready to go. You can find our guide on how to buy bitcoins Click Here.
4) Navigate to the products page, or order page. Click the state you would like to buy.
5) You will be directed to enter your information on the fake id.
6) When your information is all entered. Upload your image you would like on the fake id. If you need help taking your fake id picture. Click Here
7) You will be promoted to enter a signature. You can draw it out on our signature pad, or you can upload a picture of your signature. Please Use a Black Sharpie on a white piece of paper.
8) After you have entered all the information correctly, click “add to card”.
9) You will be directed to the checkout page. Here enter you shipping information and shipping speed and click “check out”.
10) After step 9, you will be directed to your account page where you will get a bitcoin address and the amount you need to send to that address.
11) Make sure you send the exact amount listed on your account page.
12) Once you have sent your bitcoin, wait 30 minutes and your order will auto confirm.


If you sent your payment and it has not confirmed please contact, or you have other concerns please contact: